Winter Line up

Founders Backwoods Bastard 8oz. Draft 10.2 $5.00

Breckenridge Lucky U IPA 12oz. Bottle 6.2 $5.00

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale 12oz. Bottle 6.8 $5.00

Cisco Indie Pale Ale 22oz. Bottle 7.58 $10.00

Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale 12oz. Bottle 5.4 $5.00

Founders Porter 12oz. Bottle 6.5 $5.00

Green Flash West Coast IPA 12oz. Bottle 7.0 $5.00

Lagunitas IPA 12oz. Bottle 5.7 $5.00

Rodenbach Classic Flemish Red 750oz. Bottle 5.0 $13.00

Rodenbach Grand Cru 750oz. Bottle 6.5 $13.00

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 16oz. Draft 6.2 $5.00

Stone IPA 12oz. Bottle 6.9 $5.00

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 16oz. Draft 6.2 $6.00

White Birch Belgian Pale Ale 16oz. Draft 9.5 $4.50

Allagash Interlude 22oz. Bottle 9.5 $28.00

Dogfish Head 60 Minute 12oz. Bottle 6.0 $5.00

Firestone Walker's Reserve Robust Porter 22oz. Bottle 5.9 $12.00

Goose Island Matilda 22oz. Bottle 7.0 $13.00

Goose Island Sofie 22oz. Bottle 6.5 $13.00

We will continue to build our cellar and focus on having top domestic IPA/DIPA on tap and in the cooler. Our Goal is to make sure we are trying to attain, releases from Barrel programs, anniversary beers and staying on top of other special releases from our favorite domestic breweries. We hope that we can help to open the flood gates and show the beer world that NH is coming of age and is no long that black hole for craft that it used to be. Did we Mention our NH breweries. White Birch Brewing in Hooksett, Henniker brewing in Henniker (online as of 12-20-12) and Blue lobster Brewing in Hampton. We are Friends with all of them and make sure to have events and keep their freshest offerings on tap and in the cooler.

We do not support macro breweries that do not follow a craft tradtion. We only support breweries with goals of producing the best beer that they can, not make the most money with the least investment.


We have great whites, reds and local fruit wines, list coming soon


Basil Haydens

Knob Creek

Makers Mark

Single Malt Scotch

Macallan  10yr

Macallan 12yr

Glen Morangie


We roast and blend our own coffee and offer many single orgin coffees.